X-ray examinations are very suitable for examining the lungs and bones. If contrast medium is also administered, the stomach, intestines, kidneys and vessels can also be shown.

We use the latest, digital X-ray equipment for our X-ray examinations. For you as a patient, this has the advantage of a significantly reduced radiation dose. You can access your findings and images online at any time and they are available for download for up to ten years.

Examinations for which you do not need an appointment:

  • X-rays of all skeletal sections

  • Heart and lung X-ray

  • Abdominal overview X-ray

  • Trachea (windpipe)

Examinations for which you need an appointment:

  • Oesophagus (swallowing) / cervical organ X-ray

  • Stomach X-ray / gastrointestinal passage

  • X-ray of the large intestine (irrigoscopy)

  • Venous X-ray (phlebography)

  • Kidney X-ray (intravenous pyelography/ivP)